Concord 32 Placing Boom Above New York's Skyline

Five Section Z Placing Boom Provides Incredible Versatility

Concord 45 Meter Boom Pump

Compact Design With An Unbelievable Reach

Concord 56 Meter Boom Pump

The New Concord 56 Meter Is The Latest Workhorse

Concord 38 Meter Placing Boom

Ideal For Large Commercial Industrial Projects


Most compact 56 meter pump in the market with convenience of X-style outriggers; 5 sections Z-R fold boom, 5 inch line, 180 cubic meters per hour.


Great for maneuvering in and out of tight job sites with convenience of x-style outriggers; 5 sections Z-R fold boom, 5 inch line, 170 cubic meters per hour.


Great for maneuvering in and out of tight job sites with convenience of X style outriggers; 4 sections Z-fold boom, 5 inch line, 170 cubic meters per hour.

New Pumps

Check out the new booms pumps designs from Concord. From our Epic 65 Meter to the amazing Concord 32Z five section, we have the machinery you need.

Pre-Owned Pumps

We have great selection of posted and un-advertised pumps to choose from. We also refurbish Concord pumps to our factory standards here all the time.


Our dedicated Parts & Service team is here to get you the best parts and pricing in our industry for all major brands not just Concord

Concord builds the best Concrete Pumping Machinery in our industry. More Robust, More Steel and more “Concord Brute Force” in every stroke.

Latest News

Concord Concrete Pumps

The spirit of Concord is not just in the quality, craftsmanship and design that goes into every boom rolling off the assembly line, the spirit of Concord is much more. It is a “Harmony of Superior Engineering”, years of commitment in the building of cost affordable concrete pumping machines.  Concord is a  combination of the finest concrete pumping components built in the world and assembled by a dedicated team of professionals who build machines for the men and women in the field that pump concrete every single day. That’s what we at Concord are all about, Cost Affordable Quality.

Our machines are built for Operators and for the Owners, the book keepers also like us because we are more cost reasonable than Putzmeister, Schwing or Alliance.

Why pay more for a machine that gets the same rates per hour or per yard/meter working in the field every day. Why pay more for a machine that costs more to finance and operate than Concord?

Talk to us and get the straight facts, find out what 1,700 Concord owners already know, Concord puts more cash back in your pocket, that’s a fact.

Whether your jobsite is in the harsh north of Alaska or Canada, the desert of the Middle East or the extreme heat of the Southern United States, Concord has the big or small boom pumping solution you need.

We have introduced a lot of innovative booms and placing booms over the years. Recently the new 56 meter class, the new 62 meter class and the incredible 32 meter five section Z, truck mounted or placing boom mounted are all unbelievable machines.

In 2006 Concord introduced the first big boom 65 meter class concrete pump to the concrete pumping industry of North America. This machine truly a mammoth of engineering excellence, literally would eat up concrete faster than any other machine on the market. Rated at 300 Cubic yards per hour there was no stopping this machine from out pumping all others. While other manufactures were struggling with smaller delivery lines under five inches and extreme boom bounce on their big booms and so many makeup pipes and oddball elbows that keeping spares on the machines would be impossible, Concord leaped out in front of the industry built the best machine on the market and has never looked back.

Today our machines are built with more steel not less. Our pumps are built more robust not weaker but tougher. Not lighter but stronger.

As other manufactures have had recently new problems with light weight boom designs failing, Concord keeps moving ahead with excellent robust engineering, more beef in our pumps and more steel, more “Concord Brute Force” on the ground.  Built for their long term value and operator / worker safety first, Concord is not like the rest, Concord stands alone with uncompromising quality and safety.

Concord uses only state-of-the-art German-made precision Rexroth Hydraulic pumps and valve groups; Grund-Fos water pumps and Hawe proportional boom and load holding valves. Only the best and strongest products are fit for the Concord machines we produce. The best Hydraulic oil coolers, Lincoln Hopper auto-greasing systems and of course Big Mouth S-tubes to devour the world’s harshest aggregate is why our machines run all day and eat up the competition.

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