Welcome to Concord 2015

Clearly within the concrete pumping industry Concord Concrete Pumps stands alone. Innovative and cost effective, Concord has been producing world class machinery for now over 15 years.

Founded in 1999 by Owner and President Mr. Isidro Flores, Concord has dramatically changed the global concrete pumping industry by providing a dependable, cost-reasonable, concrete boom pump, “True Concrete Pumping with Affordable Reach,” for our modern worldwide construction industry.

Today at Concord we are focused on supplying our customers with not only the best and most cost effective machinery solutions for any Concrete Pumping Application or industrial project imaginable, we are also fully dedicated to exceptional after sales support and truly outstanding customer service.

Overall what we provide for Concrete Pumping Contractors everywhere, is a very robust, dependable machine that both safe and is extremely Operator friendly.

Our goal unlike Putzmeister and Schwing and other manufactures is to be less dependent on equipment computers and non-essential sensor technology and more focused on what the guys in the field, “The Operators” need and what they can repair on their own, or  over the phone if necessary and without computers, diagnostic laptops or service technicians available 24-7.

Isidro Flores incorporated Concord Concrete Pumps during a time when his core business was supplying large scale commercial industrial super flat floors for the busy Vancouver market. His company, the largest in the market used big boom concrete pumps every day.  With limited brand options to choose from he was forced to purchased his first concrete boom pump as a Schwing and was surprised by the lack of service support, and also the lack of cost affordable concrete pumping choices within the market.   Extraordinarily overpriced and truly unaffordable for small to medium sized companies the two major brands Putzmeister and Schwing were, difficult to afford and to justify.

Likewise as shocking was the lack of true machinery value verses the extreme purchase costs.

It was this clear exorbitant and overvalued pump pricing that started him on his global path to find an affordable, value sensible and more dependable concrete boom pump. A new affordable boom pump that any contractor large or small in North America could profitably operate, a “Concord Boom Pump”.

The company initially started offering a limited range of mid-sized truck mounted boom pumps for the North American market in both roll-and-fold and z-fold configurations but then in 2006 introduced the largest boom pump in the World, the Concord 65 Meter SZ5 capable of pumping more than 300 cubic yards per hour. The Concord SZ5 literally eats concrete pumping out more than 1.2 million pounds of concrete an hour or 330 pounds of concrete every second. This machine first bought by an American company and now working in South America on large scale industrial projects is testament to the dependability, value and quality built into every single Concord Boom Pump.

Since our two largest competitors Putzmeister and Schwing have over the last couple of years both been bought out by the Chinese pump companies, Concord Pump Sales and our Customer base has continued to progressively expand.

satisfaction-guaranteePart of the reason that we have become the favorite choice amongst many experience constructors is because we at Concord have always been willing to work with, and listen to, our customers. We are always focused on “what are the customer’s needs”, in an every-day in the field reliable, robust and dependable concrete placing boom or concrete boom pump.

With more than 1700 machines in the field there is no doubt that Concord is a preferred choice amongst some of the largest concrete pumping contactors and builders in the world.

We believe it’s important for our customers to understand that Concord is also a true “Concrete Boom Pump Manufacturer” not a “Foreign Pump Dealer”, or reseller but a Canadian based quality manufacturer with global operations and international dealers. We control our own manufacturing quality, our engineering and boom designs plus the entire manufacturing process from right here at head office in Vancouver. We also as a “True Boom Pump Manufacturer” maintain a complete data base of all detailed engineered drawings for every boom pump ever sold by Concord here in our Vancouver facility for maintenance and to provide assistance and support if necessary for our customers.

This complete control over the manufacturing process gives us the ability to design and build machines that are constructed specifically for the demands of our Canadian and American Customers and the jobsite conditions they face within the North American market. At Concord we take into consideration the harsh extreme winters and extreme summer conditions that our clients and their Concord machines face every day in the field.

At Concord, we will continue to focus on building more robust concrete boom pumps with goals of both machine longevity and tougher “Operator Friendly Machines”. Concord Boom Pumps and Placing Booms will run easily for more than a decade in the field every day both in any conditions.  We are also focused on increased worker safety and higher operational cost savings for our customers, how we can use our technology to save you more operating costs. As a manufacturer we are extremely cost effective price wise and will be lower priced in comparison to our major competitors and especially the three largest now Chinese Concrete Pump Brands, Putzmeister and Schwing but that’s not where the value stops. Concord brand pumps have secured another prestigious achievement in our industry, our resale value and demand for older used machines is exceptional.

This year at Concord we also started our new Concord, “Special Projects Division” to help our customers with complex concrete pumping applications and access to our Concord Network and the “Global Knowledge Base,” used in international pumping applications. Whether you have a project or you’re looking for a top quality concrete pumping contractor in your region, we are here to help.

“I started Concord to make a difference in the concrete pumping industry and to bring affordability to concrete pumping contractors everywhere. Today our machines are world renowned as dependable, cost affordable and robust. we are focused on supplying our customers with not only a cost effective machinery solution to any Concrete Pumping Application or project imaginable, but also we are fully dedicated to exceptional after sales support and customer service.

“Our door is always open and we invite you to stop by the Concord head office at any time that you may be in Vancouver, and take a guided tour of our busy facility. What you will experience at the Concord Head Office is a modern factory with Concrete Placing Booms and Boom Pumps from 30 meters to 65 meters both in the build and customer delivery process.”

Concord didn’t just become a market place leader, we started out as a market leader a true manufacturer and engineering innovator on the conviction that a concrete pump is not greater than the quality of its components, it’s steel and engineering. This is why Concord continues to use only the very best steel, hydraulics, parts and the best concrete pumping components available in the world today.

The dictionary defines the word Concord as “Harmony a, pleasing or harmonious arrangement of parts”. It is this Harmony in engineering and machinery, “Concord Concrete Pump Achievements” that defines what we build every day.

A combination of the best steel the best hydraulic components made in the world today, combined with and built into the best boom designs and engineering available in the world.

A true harmony of engineering success and reliability, this is true Concord Concrete Pump dependability.

“Give us the chance to show you the true value, the concrete pumping facts and real difference that goes into every Concord Boom Pump made today, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.”

There is a reason Concord out pumps every other manufacturer in the world, let us show you why.

President & Founder
Mr. Isidro Flores