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Our Story

Concord Concrete Pumps has been proudly producing world-class machinery for 20 years, and we have no plans for slowing down. In the concrete pumping industry, Concord stands alone in creating the most innovative and cost effective pumps on the market.

1999 The Beginning

Owner and president, Isidro Flores, founded Concord Concrete Pumps in 1999. At this time, Concord’s main business was supplying large-scale commercial industrial super flat floors for the busy Vancouver market. It was not long before Concord was the largest company in the market, using big boom concrete pumps every day. The first concrete pumps that Isidro ever purchased for Concord were Schwing pumps, but Isidro quickly realized that he was unhappy with the quality and the price of Schwing products. This realization started Isidro on his global path to creating affordable concrete pumps.

2006 The Concord 65 Meter SZ5

In 2006, Concord introduced the largest boom pump in the world, the Concord 65 Meter SZ5. This boom pump is capable of pumping more than 300 cubic yards per hour, the equivalent of 1.2 million pounds of concrete an hour or 330 pounds of concrete a second.

2017 Special Projects Division

Concord introduced the Special Projects Division as a way of helping our customers navigate complex concrete pumping applications and access to our Concord Network and Global Knowledge Base (used in international pumping applications).

Today Concord and Today’s Market

Today, Concord’s main focus is providing customers with the best, cost effective machinery solutions for any Concrete Pumping Application or industrial project, as well as the best after sales support and outstanding customer service. Our goal is to continue focusing on building more robust concrete boom pumps in order to create tougher, longer lasting machines. We are also focused on increased worker safety and higher operational cost savings for our customers.