Concord In Action 2015

Volume 1 Winter Newsletter

We at Concord would like to hear for you our customers in the field. We would like to feature pictures of your concrete pumps in action on our site. Regardless of the location or the type of equipment you run our goal is to help you find the best piece of machinery for you application, and to also help our customers with world class customer service and concrete pumping support.

Concord-Concrete-Pumps_In-ActionOur sales people regardless of location have all put their time in the field running pump. We know where you as a customer have been and what you face every day Pumping Concrete.


The CONCORD IN ACTION, newsletter is designed to feature cool stories and shots of machines working in the field. This issue features two high rise projects the Vancouver Trump Tower now creeping up on 71 stories in height and the Roger & Sons unbelievable 1,400 foot New York Tower, 432 Park Avenue. Now the tallest residential structure in the western hemisphere this project like the innovative Company who built it, is truly amazing. CLICK HERE for the incredible time lapses video of the Concord Placing Boom in action going up more than 1,400 feet in minutes:


Other key features include The Vancouver Trump Tower the highest structure in western Canada. This amazing project required that concrete be pumped below street level into a placing boom almost 100 feet below grade to complete the projects multi story underground parkade. Pumping the Concrete down a sectional standpipe built for both five inch system and the shotcrete system was challenging enough but nothing compared to the cleanout. To clean the placing boom and slick line the customer had to almost daily blow 6,000 pounds of ultra-high strength rapid setting concrete more than 100 feet vertically into the back of a mixer on a busy downtown street. (Read More)

By Mark Wilson: