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Boom Pumps

We Know Everything There is to Know About Boom Pumps

Concord truck-mounted boom pumps are a smart investment that is easy and quick to setup. All Concord boom bumps also have a high uptime, as well as a high resale value. With the help of our boom pumps, you will be able to complete jobs faster with superior results. It is Concord’s mission to continue creating robust boom pumps that are stronger and more affordable than any other boom pumps on the market.

Our open-loop hydraulic system is able to provide superior performance as it runs cooler and cleans oil better than other boom pumps. The common lifespan for our hydraulic pumps is 15+ years without needing a replacement. All of our boom pumps are designed to work well and to work hard while creating a steady output of high volumes of concrete.

Concord is proud to design robust machines that are not overcomplicated. We only use simple electronics, rather than trying to complicate things with too much hardware and computers. We do this so that, if your machine loses all electrical power, you can still cycle the pump and continue working. We want to ensure that our machines work best for you, and they cannot do that if they are completely reliant on electrical signals.

65-meter Z Fold

CCP-65SZ5-180 View

62-meter Z Fold

CCP-62SZ5-180 View

60-meter Z-Fold

CCP-60XZ5-180 View

56-meter Z Fold

CCP-56XZ5-180 View

52-meter Z Fold

CCP-52XZ5-170 View

47-meter Z-Fold

CCP-47XZ5-170 View

40-meter Z Fold

CCP-40XZ4-170 View

38-meter Multi-Z

CCP-38XZ5-170 View

38-meter Z-Boom

CCP-38XZ4-170 View

32-meter Z5 Fold

CCP-32XZ5-170 View

32-meter Z4 Fold

CCP-32XZ4-170 View

31-meter Z-Boom

CCP-31XZ4-120 View